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Steeped in tradition, Simonds Bakery & Cafe has been serving the Cairene community with the highest-quality baked goods, French and Oriental pastries and coffee since 1898. As many of you may already know, Simonds boasts the most authentic cappuccino outside of Italy.
We have worked hard to ensure we deliver the same level of quality and service to which you have been accustomed and, at the same time, look for opportunities to serve you even better
This year we completely renovated and modernized our Dokki store with state-of-the-art equipment from Italy
We now offer you a wider selection of products from which to choose using only 100% natural ingredients, including…. [describe some of the new/popular/favorite products]….
We hope that you and your family continue to enjoy the Simonds tradition and, for those of you who haven’t visited us yet: Ahlan wasahlan! We invite you to come in to one of our three locations in Dokki, Zamalek and Downtown Cairo and taste for yourself!
We thank you for your continued support and patronage.
Best regards,
Mostafa S. Elsakka
Chief Executive Officer